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Come aprire un'azienda in India

Ice Mumbai ha pubblicato sul suo sito due tutorial



Turismo: la Svizzera rilancia sul mercato indiano

A Settembre 2012 ospiterà 40 grandi operatori per un workshop Svizzera-India.

The tourism offer in Tuscany

Located in the heart of Italy, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennines, Tuscany is a precious asset which has incomparable works of art, stupendous landscapes and protected natural areas, a wonderful sea and numerous towns and small hamlets giving visitors a wide range of views and suggestions, and more. Tuscany is also a place to regenerate the body and spirit, a land in which to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The intense colours of the landscape, the stunning marble façades of churches, the smells and tastes of local cuisine, the sounds of the past revived in historical and folkloristic recreations, taking in the countryside and towns, beaches and mountains. An ongoing journey into the world of art and nature, with the chance to stop and rest in any one of the spas or the rich sources of natural elements in the area. Streams which cut through the rocks and then see the light of day, creating natural pools in which to swim and regenerate, finding the balance between physical form and interior happiness. Or there are the renowned golf courses close to the art towns, mountains, sea and hills, where the temperate climate in the region provides a unique chance to play all year round surrounded by some of the most famous landscapes in the world. Relaxing in Tuscany means visiting the fashion shops and old handicraft boutiques, where the taste for beauty is reflected in original high quality products renowned throughout the world.

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