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Come aprire un'azienda in India

Ice Mumbai ha pubblicato sul suo sito due tutorial



Turismo: la Svizzera rilancia sul mercato indiano

A Settembre 2012 ospiterà 40 grandi operatori per un workshop Svizzera-India.


Spas are becoming the tourism of the new millennium and Tuscany is the Italian region with the highest number of these structures. There are more than 20 spas in the region, the best known of which are those in Montecatini and Chianciano. The region also has numerous sources rich in natural elements, including water sources, which cut through the rocks and then see the light of day, creating natural pools in which to swim and regenerate, finding the balance between physical form and interior happiness. In these health spas, where beauty and comfort combine, traditional cures are used with treatment aimed at achieving perfect psycho-physical equilibrium, in line with new trends. The spas of Tuscany are delightful locations where nature responds to health and wellbeing needs.

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