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Come aprire un'azienda in India

Ice Mumbai ha pubblicato sul suo sito due tutorial



Turismo: la Svizzera rilancia sul mercato indiano

A Settembre 2012 ospiterà 40 grandi operatori per un workshop Svizzera-India.


From relaxation to mundane everyday activities, from natural beauty to the latest fashion shops. The 633 kilometres of Tuscan coastline (191 km of beaches) provide a wide range of choices, able to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists. Versilia and Forte dei Marmi are a must for lovers of the “dolce vita”; the beaches, pine forests and sea are perfect for nature lovers; the Etruscan Coastline is for those who want to mix travel and fantasy; the Tuscan Archipelago, with its rocky shorelines sloping down to the sea provide a multi-colour sunset; the unspoiled sea in the Maremma provides direct contact with nature and wildlife.

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