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Come aprire un'azienda in India

Ice Mumbai ha pubblicato sul suo sito due tutorial



Turismo: la Svizzera rilancia sul mercato indiano

A Settembre 2012 ospiterà 40 grandi operatori per un workshop Svizzera-India.

Golfing Tuscany

Tuscany provides its visitors with a wide range of ways to discover its land. One of the most interesting of these is golfing tourism. There are  numerous high quality golf courses in the region, of which 8 are 18-hole courses and 7 9-hole courses, and there are also 16 practice and promotional ranges.
These courses are located throughout the region, close to the art towns, in the mountains, near the sea and hills, proving a unique opportunity throughout the year, thanks to the temperate climate in Tuscany: the chance to play golf surrounded by some of the best known landscapes in the world.

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