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Come aprire un'azienda in India

Ice Mumbai ha pubblicato sul suo sito due tutorial



Turismo: la Svizzera rilancia sul mercato indiano

A Settembre 2012 ospiterà 40 grandi operatori per un workshop Svizzera-India.

Art and culture

Tuscany is a land of artists, academics, scientists and musicians, and possesses over 50% of Italy’s artistic heritage. Giotto, Masaccio, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, and Leonardo and Dante. These are only some of the illustrious figures who were born and lived here, leaving indelible signs throughout the region, as is shown by the 5,000 historical homes in the region.
Every town and village in Tuscany has its own basic mosaic of its history, with its roots going back to the dawn of time, from the heritage left behind by the mysterious race of the Etruscans, located throughout the region in over 300 archaeological sites, to the artistic creations of the region, the heart of European art, preserved in 479 museums and thousands of other sites.
Tuscany also boasts 198 theatres, 953 public libraries, 800 historical gardens and 4,000 castles and fortifications. This is an immense heritage which can be visited by anyone who is in search of a unique experience.  

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